On the Issues

Fighting for Rural Hospitals

Our hospitals and health care facilities are essential for the quality of life we enjoy, and for the health and safety of our communities.  They are also an important part of our economy, serving as some of our largest employers.  We need to assure our rural health facilities remain viable and have the resources they need to continue to serve the health care needs of our communities.

“Hospitals and rural health clinics add significantly to the vitality of our region.  I have worked in virtually every community in this region to keep these facilities strong. I’ll continue that work in the State Senate.”      


Protecting our Outdoor Heritage

Montana’s public lands are some of the most beautiful places on earth.  I will always stand up to protect them, and the right of every Montanan to hunt, fish and recreate on these lands.  They are the legacy past generations have given us, and it’s now our turn to be good stewards of these treasured places for our kids and grandkids.

“I’ve been hunting since I was able, nearly 40 years ago.  I also hike, fish and camp in our beautiful outdoors. Public lands in Montana are part of who we are and that’s a legacy we need to pass on to the next generation.  I strongly support public access to public lands.”   


Investing in Infrastructure

Healthy communities and a strong economy are built on solid infrastructure that includes drinking and wastewater systems, roads, bridges, and public facilities upon which we all rely.  State government must prioritize, de-politicize and properly fund Montana’s aging infrastructure so we can compete economically, support business growth and assure that our quality of life remains second to none.

“The foundation of a healthy economy is solid infrastructure.  I have helped to secure millions of dollars of state and federal funds for critical local government projects here in northern Montana. In the State Senate I will do everything possible to make sure the State of Montana invests wisely in those projects that make our communities great places to live, work, raise a family and build a business.”  


Building Main Street and Creating Jobs

Expanding our economy, creating jobs and growing our tax base works best when you have the private and public sectors pulling in the same direction.  State government has a significant role in making Montana hospitable for business start-ups and expansions, including developing an educated workforce, building our infrastructure and making government efficient and accountable.

“For over two decades I have worked in the field of economic development, helping the private sector grow and create jobs.  A top priority will be to assure that the State of Montana has the right tools to partner with businesses to help them succeed.”


Supporting Quality Education

Public schools are the backbone of great communities. They educate our kids, prepare tomorrow’s workforce and give everyone a fair shot to succeed.  Proper funding from the State of Montana for our K-12 and university systems will assure the continued excellence of our schools, give teachers and students the resources they need, lessen the need for property tax increases and keep college tuition affordable for families.

“Educating our kids and grandkids to be good citizens and productive members of the workforce is important for our future, for our economy and for them.  I will strongly support investments for our local schools and the university system, including MSU-Northern.”