Bipartisan Support! “Why I’ll Vote Tuss”

REPUBLICAN ENDORSEMENT! Our campaign is attracting support from both sides of the aisle. It is wonderful to have such great energy from both Democrats and Republicans. Thanks to Jeff Krauss of Bozeman for his kind words. Read his full letter to the editor.

The Havre Herald, August 19, 2018

Dear Editor,

Please excuse this intrusion from downstate. Regardless of my point of origin, I hope you’ll join me in supporting Paul Tuss for State Senate. I’m sending him money even if I can’t vote for him. But you can do both.

Generally, I pick Republican candidates, unless a more compelling candidate volunteers his or her services. Paul Tuss is that compelling candidate.

Paul will serve his constituents. Period. Not himself. Not ideology. Not the party. Paul will listen and serve.

Paul and I don’t see eye-to-eye on everything, including politics. I served with him on the Board of Regents and we had our differences. Still, I’m writing this letter because I trust Paul.

You know the issues. Helena spends and we pay. But still, infrastructure crumbles and services to people continue to dwindle. I’ve seen Paul set aside the bureaucracy and put students first. It’s this “prioritize the people first” stance that will benefit his Senate district — first.

We need to get back to sending that neighbor we trust in our personal lives to the Legislature to make decisions because we know their character, judgment, conscience. Paul is that neighbor. Please give him your support, and your vote this November.

Jeff Krauss